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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Cerumen Removal

Some people get an accumulation of earwax (cerumen) that hampers their hearing ability and is difficult to remove. Cerumen removal is recommended particularly for hearing aid users. This helps keep your appliance clean and removes an uncomfortable blockage in your ears.

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Diagnostic Audiologic and Hearing Evaluations

One of the specialized services people request is a hearing test. These simple and brief tests are specifically designed to determine your exact hearing abilities in both ears.

Beneficial Hearing Aid Center has licensed hearing professionals to run all audiologic testing. During the test, our specialist will send tones and words through earphones at various volumes and frequencies. The result is a custom “map” of your hearing status.

These results are used to understand how well you hear sounds and speech. Beneficial’s hearing specialists can then recommend hearing aids, if necessary.

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Ear Impressions and Earmolds

Every outer ear is different; in fact, ears are as reliable for unique identification as fingerprints! Beneficial will customize every hearing appliance to your ear by creating a mold of every contour. When this process is reversed onto a hearing aid, the result is a perfect fit.

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Hearing Aid Recommendation and Fitting

Many hearing patients worry that they will be sent home with hearing aids that may or may not solve their unique hearing problems. At Beneficial, we won’t allow that to happen. The devices are selected and tuned for your ears, but can also be adjusted while you are at the center. Each hearing aid starts with a prescription for your needs but can also be finely tuned like any precision electronic instrument.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Beneficial Hearing backs all its products and services. Hearing devices, like any electro-mechanical devices, could need repairs at some point. Many minor repairs can be done by our staff, while other repairs require the aid to be sent out. If your hearing aids are not performing perfectly, prompt attention is the best way to determine what could be wrong. 

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

After a hearing test and evaluation by professional staff, many people will be advised to get a hearing aid. The process is thorough and relaxed. You can discuss styles, the amazing technologies available today, and get answers to all your questions. Beneficial Hearing offers many types of devices from top manufacturers and will show you how they will be custom fit to your ears.

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Ear Noise (tinnitus) Evaluation and Management

Many people have “ringing in the ears,” which is the most used expression describing tinnitus. The sound is also described as buzzing or hissing, but it is a symptom of a clinical condition that can have several causes: hearing loss, injury, nerve damage and age can be culprits.

Beneficial Hearing can evaluate noise in your ears and offer help to help you manage it. There is no cure but there are effective treatments depending on how invasive the condition is to your daily life.

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