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3 Conditions To See An Audiologist About

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If you’re having trouble with your hearing, there may be several possible causes. While your hearing may improve without any need for treatment, in many cases, it’s wise to seek advice from an audiologist. An audiologist is a medical professional trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of hearing loss and conditions that contribute to impaired hearing. Here are three conditions to see an audiologist for.

Hearing loss

If you’ve noticed that your hearing has deteriorated, either suddenly or gradually, it’s advisable to see an audiologist. There are many causes of hearing loss. In some cases, for example, infections and injuries, treating the cause will improve your hearing, but it is not always possible to find a cure for hearing problems. If this is the case, audiologists can use therapies and devices like hearing aids to improve hearing and eliminate additional symptoms. When you see an audiologist, they will conduct a series of tests to determine how well you can hear and the results of these tests will enable them to create a personalized treatment plan for you. They will discuss the findings of the tests with you and talk to you about what can be done to make it easier for you to hear.


Tinnitus is a term that refers to a buzzing, ringing or humming noise in the ears. If you suffer from tinnitus, you’ll be able to hear noises, even when there are no external sounds. It’s very common to experience temporary bouts of tinnitus if you’ve been to a gig, you’ve been watching fireworks, or you’ve been exposed to loud noises like gunshots. In many cases, you’ll find that the ringing dies down quickly. In some cases, however, tinnitus can be a long-term problem and sometimes, the symptoms are so severe that they impact your day-to-day life. If you are struggling with tinnitus, seeing an audiologist is a good idea. Your audiologist will talk to you about your symptoms and they can discuss treatment options with you. Loud noises can exacerbate symptoms, so turn the volume down if you’re listening to music through headphones and make sure you use hearing protection equipment if your job involves exposure to high levels of noise.

Balance problems

Have you started to find it more difficult to balance? Balance problems may be linked to injuries or systemic illnesses, but they are often associated with issues that affect the inner ear. Your ears play an important role in controlling balance and if you’re struggling, this may indicate an infection, nerve damage or reduced circulation within the inner ear. Your audiologist can conduct tests to try and identify a cause and find a suitable treatment.

Are you finding it more difficult to follow conversations or do you find yourself turning the TV or radio up all the time? Are you struggling with a ringing or humming sound in your ears? Are you finding it hard to keep your balance? If you have any of these symptoms, it’s wise to arrange to see an audiologist.


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