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4 Questions to Ask About Hearing Aids

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If you are thinking about getting hearing aids, you are probably full of questions already. Fortunately, most people tend to ask the same four common questions so we can give you the answers you are looking for right now.

Are there different styles of hearing aids?

Yes. There are a few different types of hearing aids and your audiologist will discuss your options with you. It is important to remember that the type and style of hearing aid that will work best for you depends on your hearing needs and may be limited.

They will normally ask about the kind of hobbies you have, whether you wear glasses and whether you have any preferences for a particular style of hearing aid. So, for example, if you wear glasses, you might prefer to go for an in-ear hearing aid so that you are more comfortable with the arms of your glasses resting on your ears.

Are hearing aids expensive?

The cost of your hearing aids depends on the style and the type of hearing aid you choose. For example, if you require a molded hearing aid, this will cost a bit more than a standard fit. Usually, the more features your hearing aids have, the more expensive they will be.

Your audiologist will be able to help you figure out what you really need and what you don’t need to spend extra on. Many audiologists are also able to provide a payment plan to make the purchase of your hearing aids easier on your monthly budget. You should also check your health insurance because while most do not cover the cost of hearing aids, some will.

How long do hearing aids last?

If you take good care of your hearing aids, they should last for around five years. However, hearing aids are very delicate and do require special care so it is down to you to get the most out of them. Most hearing aids come with a two-year warranty but extended warranty plans are also available.

As your hearing is likely to change over time, you should be reassured that your audiologist will be able to make adjustments to your hearing aids so you don’t have to buy new ones every time. However, as technology is improving rapidly, you may wish to ask about updated features or styles.

Do I need to make follow-up appointments?

Adjusting to hearing aids can take some time so you will need to go and see your audiologist for some fine-tuning a few times. This is completely normal and will help you get used to your hearing aids. You should also schedule regular cleaning appointments and may need to request some minor repairs.

Your audiologist will also recommend that you take regular hearing tests to monitor your progression. Normally, this will mean taking an annual test but if you have any concerns, you can always book yourself in earlier.


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