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4 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Aid Repairs

Broken Hearing Aid

If you’ve attended your hearing aid fitting and have been given a pair of hearing aids to use, then you might be wondering how you can maintain them to keep them working correctly. They’re small and fragile devices, which means they can easily be damaged if you treat them poorly or neglect them.

The best source of information would be your audiologist. They will have plenty of knowledge regarding the use of your hearing aids and they’ll also teach you how to take care of them correctly. However, you need to be ready to ask them a couple of questions, so here are four that you should clear up before you leave your fitting appointment.

How much does it cost to replace my hearing aids?

In the event that you need to replace your hearing aids, you need to ask your audiologist how much it will cost. You should also ask your audiologist how much it will cost to repair your hearing aids instead of just replacing them. Some audiologists will happily fix small problems, but it also depends on your insurance coverage and the manufacturer that you decide to go with.

How do I clean my hearing aids?

Every hearing aid needs to be cleaned. Some of them are easier to clean than others, and some are more prone to dirt and earwax. The size of your hearing aid will usually determine how easy it is to clean, so keep this as a consideration when picking a hearing aid for your needs. Larger hearing aids are much easier to clean because they have fewer small parts, and smaller hearing aids require more delicate care.

Will I need to replace the battery on my hearing aids?

You should ask your audiologist how often, if at all, you’ll need to replace the battery on your hearing aid. Larger hearing aids often last longer because they can house larger batteries, but if there’s a manufacturing fault then you may need to return to your audiologist in order to replace the battery.

What are some common reasons for hearing aid problems?

Hearing aids can easily break if they’re not taken care of, so make sure you ask your audiologist for basic care tips to prevent the need for repairing them on a regular basis. Your audiologist will likely recommend a case, they’ll remind you to remove your hearing aids when sleeping and when in the shower, and they’ll also teach you how to troubleshoot basic repair problems.

Hearing aids are essential pieces of equipment and you need to take great care of them in order to keep them in working condition and this is why it’s important that you speak to your audiologist about hearing aid repairs.


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