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Do You Need a Hearing Aid?

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If you feel you may have a hearing problem and require a hearing aid, you need to answer the following five questions:  

  • Do you frequently feel that people sound as though they are mumbling or not speaking in a distinct manner?  
  • Do you find it challenging to follow a conversation when a room is crowded?  
  • Do you often find it difficult to hear the doorbell or the ringing of a phone?  
  • Are you in the habit of asking people to repeat themselves?  
  • Do you frequently find yourself turning up the audio equipment, the radio or the TV in order to hear well?  

What's the BEST Treatment?

Correcting a hearing loss issue is essential to one’s quality of life as it affects your ability to communicate with people. If you suffer from hearing loss and leave it untreated, a barrier can be built between you and your family and friends. Depressive feelings and anxiety can impact the lives of people who cannot hear well. Therefore, it is important to opt for treatment if you believe you're suffering from hearing loss.  

Hearing loss can be reversed by the proper use of a hearing device. Since hearing loss is a popular disability, there are a variety of aids in the market that can treat those with hearing impairments. Hearing impairment is also the most treatable disability as well. Therefore, you can find a hearing instrument that can improve your life and ability to hearing pretty quickly. In addition, it must be noted that hearing aids are the most frequently used assistive technological device that are marketed worldwide to those who suffer from hearing loss.   

How Does a Hearing Aid Work? 

A hearing aid is a device used to amplify sound to help people suffering from hearing loss or impairment. Most hearing aids share a number of electronic components. These parts include a microphone, which picks up a sound, an amplifier circuitry that is designed to enhance sound, and a receiver or miniature loudspeaker that delivers the sound waves into the ear canal. Batteries power the electronic parts of hearing aids.  

While the above features are all associated with a hearing aid’s basic functions, the aids can differ by design and the method used to achieve amplification of sound. Today, you have the option to go for either a digital or an analog hearing aid. Some hearing aids also feature earpieces or earmolds that direct sound vibrations into the ear to increase the quality of sound. Therefore, the selection of a hearing aid is based on the severity of hearing loss, the type of hearing aid you are comfortable wearing, and your lifestyle and listening requirements.  

Hearing aids are highly advanced pieces of technology. Contact an audiologist to have your hearing evaluated and to determine if you would benefit from the use of hearing aid technology.


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