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How Do Hearing Aids Help Me Hear?

How Do Hearing Aids Help Me Hear?

This is a very reasonable and valid question to ask. Most people think hearing aids just turn up the volume on everything around you. Just a small speaker. While it seems easy to assume this is all they do, the advances in technology over the last couple decades hearing aids have come a very long way in how the aid their users. So let’s take a look at how hearing aids help you hear!

  • Hearing aids increase volume. Yes hearing aids increase volume but they do more than just that. Your hearing aids will have a couple different programs for different environments you will be in such as quiet and loud environments. When your hearing aid senses the type of environment you are in or if you change the program yourself, the hearing aid will adjust and adapt to that environment. For example, in a quiet environment the hearing aid will be at a listening level comfortable for you to hear say the television or others talking around you, it increases the overall volume, but can help to block some of the background noise focusing on what is in front of you. But in loud environments, like a restaurant or store, the hearing aid will greatly decrease the background noise allowing you to hear and focus on what is in front of you. Volume will also decrease to ensure you maximum threshold level for sound is not reach but still allowing you to hear and converse.
  • Hearing aids help with background noise. Hearing aids help to decrease background noise so that it does not become overwhelming to the user especially when in loud environments. They help to focus in on the speech that is around you, especially in front of you, to help you hear and converse properly. Background noise is not completely blocked because it is needed to understand the environment that you are in.
  • Hearing aids help you hear. Not only do hearing aids increase the volume of the world around you but they help you to better understand what you are hearing. It is not just a bunch of sound that is increased all at the same level. Your hearing aids are programed to your specific hearing loss and adjusted as needed to your lifestyle and the environments you are in. They work with the hearing that you have and increase the “volume” as needed to help you understand and function in the world around you.

Hearing aids today are very complicated and technical works of art. They help a person hear the world around them clearly. There is very little distortion especially when it comes to loud environments and background noise. They work with your hearing to enhance it; to increase sound quality along with each individual’s quality of life. They increase safety for people allowing them to hear certain warning signs they may not normally be able to hear. They connect with most other electronics to ease the use for the user and for others around them, especially when it comes to listening to music or the television. Hearing aids are amazing and wonderful and truly do give users a better quality of life and sound.


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