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Preparing for Your First Audiologist Appointment

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If you’ve never been to see an audiologist before, you may be slightly nervous about your first appointment. It’s completely natural to feel a little apprehensive, but there’s nothing to worry about. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Note down information about your medical history

When you go and see an audiologist for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a form, which has some simple questions about your general health and your medical history. If you take medication, for example, it’s wise to note down the details to save you time when you get to your appointment and to ensure you don’t forget anything. When you go to your appointment, your audiologist may also ask you a few questions about your health, as well as your hearing. There’s no need to be anxious. The questions are simply used to gather information that may help your audiologist diagnose any problems and identify effective solutions and treatments, such as hearing aids.

Write a list of questions

In the run-up to your first audiologist appointment, you may find that you have endless questions. It’s common to forget things when you’re actually in the appointment and talking to your audiologist. As such, making a list in advance is a useful exercise. This way, you can get all the answers you need. You may have queries about what is causing your hearing loss or what can be done about it, for example.

Talk to friends and family

If you’ve got friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors who have been to an audiologist, it can be really beneficial to talk to them and ask them questions about their experiences. Listening to other people can help to relax and reassure you, and it can also give you a better idea of what to expect when you arrive at your first appointment. If you’re nervous about your first session, you could always bring a friend or family member with you.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your audiologist

If you have questions flying around your mind, you’re not sure what your audiologist has in store for you, or you’d like to know more about what’s going to happen over the course of the next hour or so, don’t be afraid to talk to your audiologist and ask questions. Your audiologist will be happy to answer questions and put your mind at ease. They’re also there to provide you with information about the tests you may be asked to undertake and also to give you advice about hearing aids if they feel that you would benefit from using them in the future. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. It’s highly likely that your audiologist will have been asked the same questions many times before.

Have you got an audiologist appointment coming up? Are you wondering what is going to happen? Many people feel slightly apprehensive about going to their first appointment, but there really is nothing to worry about, especially if you’re well prepared and you know what to expect.


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