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When Should You Visit an Audiologist?

When Should You Visit an Audiologist?

Hearing loss is incredibly common in our society today; however, many individuals do not know when or if they should seek out the help of an audiologist. An audiologist is a specialist in hearing, hearing loss, the ears, diseases and ailments of the ear, trauma of the ear, tinnitus and balance disorders. They can also treat infants, children, adults and the elderly. With such a wide range of knowledge and specialties, how do you know if you should seek out the help of an audiologist?

Talk to your doctor

If you’re hesitant or nervous to see an audiologist, contact your primary care physician and talk with them about any questions or concerns you might have. Chances are you’ve already got a trusted relationship with your family doctor, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help finding an audiologist or to ease any anxiety you may have.

Reasons to see an audiologist

There are many reasons in which someone would need or want to seek the help of an audiologist with their ears and their hearing.

  • Head trauma patients may want to seek the help of an audiologist for help with problems that may have or could possibility arise after the trauma.
  • Individuals with heredity diseases, such as Meniere’s disease, may want to seek the help of an audiologist to discuss how to live with and move forward with the disease and also see if surgery is an option.
  • Individuals with irregular hearing test results may want to seek out the help of an audiologist in order to determine why their test results were irregular and to set up an action plan as well as to help counsel and rehabilitate the individual back into society.
  • Individuals seeking treatment or relief for tinnitus and balance disorders will find a great deal of help when visiting the audiologist.
  • Children will want and need to seek out the help of an audiologist for all of their hearing health needs as audiologist are the only hearing health professional that is properly trained and allowed to deal with children and their hearing health needs.

Trust an audiologist

An audiologist is a highly skilled and qualified professional when it comes to hearing health and the auditory system. Whether you’re struggling to hear as well as you once did, or are looking for relief for that annoying ringing-in-your-ears sensation, contact an audiologist in your area today and find the treatment you deserve.


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