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Hearing Aid Evaluation

A loss of hearing can affect our lives and change behavior we’ve relied on all our lives. The reasons for hearing loss are varied and the first step toward finding a cause and solution is a hearing evaluation at Beneficial Hearing. Many people who come in have experienced progressive hearing loss, while others have a sudden loss for some reason.

At the center, our professional staff will take your personal history and ask about your hearing experience:

  • Do you have noise or ringing in your ears?
  • Have you been sick or injured?
  • Do you spend a lot of time in very noisy conditions?
  • Do you have a family history of hearing loss?
  • Do you use hearing protection?

These and other questions help give the hearing care provider a picture of your “hearing world.” 

Hearing tests and hearing aids

A hearing test is the first and most important tool we use to identify specific hearing problems. It quantifies your hearing ability against standards and gives details about sound volume and words you can hear. In any case, the next step depends on this test.

The staff might recommend a visit to an ear, nose and throat doctor in certain cases, or they might recommend hearing aids. At our facility, you can see examples of appropriate hearing devices, discuss the best types for you and in some cases, try one to hear the way it helps change your life for the better.

Permanent hearing loss can alter one’s lifestyle, and getting back to better hearing can reverse this. All hearing aids are designed individually and tuned specifically for each patient. Beneficial Hearing Aid Center carries an advanced line-up of hearing aids to meet your needs.

Selecting your hearing aids

If you need hearing aids, the staff will guide you through each step to find the best device for you. Not all people can wear every hearing aid; a lot depends on the amount of loss, the person’s ability to handle small devices and the amount of battery power necessary for that device. However, we will find and fit the right hearing aid for your needs. 

Some are small enough to be invisible in the ear canal. Some hearing aids sit both in the ear and out. Some sit behind the ear and run a tube into the ear canal. As technology has progressed in the miniature computers, getting the best possible hearing experience has become more possible.

Since devices are custom made, they come from the manufacturer after being ordered to specification, so some time is always involved. Please contact Beneficial hearing with any questions today.

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